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About Us

Peace and Life Enhancement Initiative International is a non-profit , non governmental and non political organisation, registered in Nigeria. PLEII uses good practice approach to enhance peace and life for development, productivity and sustainability purpose through her programmes in the soiety. PLEII unwavering dedication and passion for development and its sustainability focuses on 5 thematic areas that is associated with peace in the society and life of individuals in the community; Social and Public Health, Education and Skills Developmnet Programmes, Poverty Eradication Programmes, Gender Advocacy, Peace, Human Rights Awareness and Good Governance. PLEII believes that, a peaaceful environment does not only encourage development, it also determines its sustainnability, and life if well enhanced, will live longer, stronger and think rightly to increase productivity and development.

Our Mission

To tackle poverty and increase productivity through the provision of peace and life enhancing services to the people


Our Vision

To enhance the light of souls and nature, and hope endowment.


.Our Goal

Achieving positive transformation of the people.

.Our Aims and Objectives

(i) To promote and enhance peace and unity in the societies.

(ii) To support the governments and societies in developing the youths and the children.

(iii) To Provide health assistance to the community and care fot the less privileged.

(iv) To provide, organize serminars, talk-shows, symposium and workshops on issues related to Health, Education, Peace and Agriculture.

(v) To organize adult literacy programme and vocational training programme.

(vi) To sensitize and mobilize women to assert their fundamental human rights.

(vii) To facilitate, Mobilize, train and enhance community policing to compliment the service of the security agencies.

(viii) To lobby and advocate for the active participation and involvement of women and the physically challenged people in the development processess in the country.

(ix) To enhance the Socio-economic situation of women in Nigeria.

.Our Focus

(a) Education and Health.

(b) Youth and Children.

(c) Research and Publication.

(d) Poverty Eradication Scheme.

(e) Peace, Good Governance and Social Development.

.Our Motivation

PLEII is motivated by the greatest commandment of God, "To Love Thy Neighbour as Thy Self". We believe all humans have got potentials in them, regardless of their gender, colour, continent, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Our Difference

  1. People: We are not motivated by economic return – our return is seeing positive transformation of the people, from nothing to something.
  2. Long: We maintain long term relationships with the society and the people, beyond the project time.
  3. Enhancement: Everyone has a right to life and a right to a peaceful environment. Our contribution is to enhance these to make the world a better place.
  4. Importance: We consider everyone and all genders equal and important
  5. Information: We rely so much on the feedback information from our beneficiaries and donors for evaluation, monitoring and better services.

Our Beliefs

  • Everyone deserves a peaceful environment and right to live
  • We should always protect our integrity and be transparent.
  • We are accountable for all funds we receive and that we will always be honest with our donors and stakeholders, and use their funds in the most efficient and productive manner.

Our Values

They guide us in our decision-making and bind us together throughout the world, across great distances and many languages.

  • Promoting positive outcomes for the people
  • Demonstrating integrity, openness and honesty, including stewardship of all resources
  • Upholding the respect and value of the individual
  • Championing diversity of thought and experience
  • Fostering innovation and challenge and;
  • Proactively connecting and collaborating

Our Ethics

PLEII pledges to serve, deliver and be transparent.

Quick Info

  • PLEII focuses on the paramount causes of poverty and low productivity so that people can become self-sufficient and productive. [1]
  • PLEII’s work is to carry out public awareness on the reasons why gender inequaliy that has been in existence for years now should be discouraged. [2]
  • PLEII also shows interest and support for the impoverished families that engage in moneymaking activities, especially those operated by the disabled, women and widows. [3]


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