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What We Offer

About Us

Peace and Life Enhancement Initiative International is a non-profit , non governmental and non political organisation, registered in Nigeria. PLEII uses good practice approach to enhance peace and life for development, productivity and sustainability purpose through her programmes in the society. PLEII unwavering dedication and passion for development and its sustainability focuses on 5 thematic areas that is associated with peace in the society and life of individuals in the community;

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Our mission

To tackle poverty and increase productivity through the provision of peace and life enhancing services to the people. more missions


Our Vision

To enhance the light of souls and nature, and hope endowment.

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Giving people the reason to live and be happy goes beyond the provisions of foods, drugs and shelter, though they are importatnt.  An individual appreciates a direct access and opportunity to means of livelihoods and survival, rather than waiting upon some authorities before he could eat or drink. PLEII encourages giving the people access to feed directlty rather than waiting to be fed.  While helping families to produce more food and increase their income by managing their natural resources and preserving the environment for future generations, PLEII educates, relates and supports farmers both men and women in other to increase productivity through various physical and theoretical activities.

other projects


  • Material support to orphanages and Homes
  • Material and financial support to students in primary and secondary school.
  • Women Empowerment / support to widows
  • Youth Development, Sensitization and Educatioin programmes
  • Community watch / Attitudinal changepractice.
  • HIV / AIDS Awareness, Test and Counseling.
  • Malaria sensitization, mobilization, test and Drug administration.


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